Beeville Baptist Church


A Pastor is the feeder, protector, guide, or shepherd, of a flock of God's people. In speaking of spiritual gifts, the apostle Paul wrote that Christ "gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the saints" Eph. 4:11-12. The term pastor implies the nourishing of and caring for God's people.

Nathan Starr - unnamed-6Pastors Of Bible Baptist Church

Pastor Raymond Morris 1961 - 1961

* Pastor Le Roy Pearson 1961 - 1962

Pastor Mike Phillips 1962 - 1962

Pastor Merrel Holland 1963 - 1964

Pastors Of Community Baptist Church

Pastor Lee F. Wade 1963 - 1965

Pastor Charles White 1965 - 1965

* Pastor Le Roy Pearson 1966 - 1968

Pastor Jerry Petty 1968 - 1971

Pastor Billy W. Hughes 1971 - 1976

* Pastor James Campbell 1976 - 1979

Pastors Of Beeville Baptist Church

* Pastor James Campbell 1976 - 1979

Pastor William Fitzwater 1979 - 1980

Pastor Tom Williams 1980 - 1989

Pastor Tim Stowe 1989- Present

Names Of Church

Bible Baptist Church, Community Baptist Mission / Church, and Beeville Baptist Church


The January 16, 1964 newspaper reported a new church for the city, Community Baptist Mission, located at 501 E. Bowie (formerly the Park Grocery Store).  L. F. Wade was listed as the pastor, and he lived at 505 E. Bowie.  On the Constitution and Bylaws page, it called the Community Baptist Mission “an arm of the Community Baptist Church of Ft. Worth, Texas.”

According to the church minutes, on May 16, 1964, Pastor Lee F. Wade called for the organization of the Community Baptist Church.  The first building of our newly organized church was at 1209 S. Washington in late 1964.  The newspaper also reported a revival at this time and the ordaining of Bro. Wade.

 In the June 2, 1965 minutes it was reported that Pastor Lee F. Wade resigned.  Brother Charles White was called to pastor, but resigned on November 15, 1965. 

On March 6, 1966 the church minutes report that Le Roy Pearson was called to be our Pastor.  In the minutes dated April 12, 1966, a motion was made in a business meeting to “revert to a mission under the Weber Road Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, Texas.” A motion was made in the business meeting on February 26, 1967 to purchase the building on North Adams St.

In the July 17, 1968 church minutes it stated Pastor Le Roy Pearson resigned.  Brother Jerry Petty was called as pastor. His weekly salary was $ 15.00.  He resigned sometime in 1971.

In the September, 1971 church minutes, it stated that Billy W. Hughes was called to pastor our church.  He resigned in May, 1976.

In the July, 1976 church minutes, it stated that James Campbell was called as pastor.  The records go on to read the church “has tripled in attendance and doubled in receipts since Brother Campbell was called as Pastor...”

The church minutes state that on October 13, 1976, our church voted unanimously to purchase the Trinity Lutheran Church building at 111 N. Filmore St. For 47,500.00.  Church members borrowed money off their homes to buy the Lutheran building.  We received approval from the Secretary of State to change the name of the church to Beeville Baptist, Inc., as reported in the May 31, 1977 church minutes.

There is somewhat of a conflict in the church minutes as to when Pastor James Campbell resigned and William Fitzwater was called as pastor, but it did all take place in 1979.  During Bro. Fitzwater’s time as our pastor, he called a business meeting to discuss selling the property at Hwy. 351 and Hwy. 181.  Brother Fitzwater led the church to buy a parsonage at 802 Sequoia Drive.  Pastor Fitzwater resigned in November 1980.

On December 1, 1980, Thomas E. Williams was called as pastor of Beeville Baptist Church.  During his pastorate, our records of July 21, 1986 show that Beeville Baptist Church voted to purchase the adjacent property at 110 N. Tyler St.  The house and property were used for Sunday School and Christian School.  The church experienced both Spiritual & Numerical growth during this time.

The February 21, 1989 records show Pastor Tom Williams resigned our church, having been our longest serving pastor to date.

 After prayer and a unanimous call, Timothy D. Stowe became our Pastor on April 12, 1989.  He continues to serve at Beeville Baptist Church until the present time.  In August, 1993, our church became debt free.  Selling the parsonage to the pastor was part of the plan to become debt free.  It took two years of belt tightening and special offerings to do, but God blessed and we celebrate that special day each year with a Happy Preaching Jubilee.  Dr. Lee Roberson & Kurt LaBouve preached our first Preaching Jubilee. 

In the April 5, 2009 business meeting, Beeville Baptist Church voted to buy the Martisek property (across from Evergreen Cemetery, between N. Filmore St. and N. Polk St.).  This gave us needed buildings for storage and a lot to build, play and park. We borrowed $25,000.00 from the church membership and paid it back within 6 months.

In 2010, God gave us Vision 2010.  We believe God is leading us to rise up and build.  With God’s help, we plan to build an auditorium and do some remodeling.  The cost guess was approximately $400,000.00.  We began our fund raising on July 4, 2010.  By July 31, 2011, God enabled us to raise $200,000.00.  On September 18, 2011, Bryan Butler, Harold Butler, Randy Duncan, Luke Duncan, Clay Pace & Pastor Tim Stowe broke ground for a new Auditorium, Sunday School Classes, Bookstore & Offices.  We soon realized we needed more than $400,000.00.  But God miraculously supplied again, again and again.  By May 2013, we needed the last $10,000.00 to finish the building project, and again God miraculously supplied.  God enabled us to collect over $600,000.00 to build.  Praise the Lord!

On June 23, 2013 we began meeting in the new complex.  On July 14, 2013 we dedicated it to the glory and honor of God. In three years, God  provided $600,000.00 to build debt free.

Lots of lessons were learned during the process.  Our faith was increased.  We learned the difference between good giving and sacrificial giving. We learned first hand that pocket change and convenient giving would not build a building.  It took faith in God, obedience and generous giving. 

Beeville Baptist Church had a rocky beginning but a promising future.  Both men of God and people of faith gave effort and sacrificed to make Beeville Baptist Church a reality.  Today we support 25 Foreign Missions and 14 Home Missions.  God has enabled us to give over $70,000.00 a year through our Faith Promise Mission Offering.  As of April 2015 we have given over $1,600,000.00 in Missions since 1989. In April 2015 the church celebrated 26 years of having Pastor & Tammie Stowe as pastor.

Our bus ministry consists of two vans and a bus.  We have 10 Sunday School Classes, an active Teen Department, a Faithful Bible Investigator’s Class, Patch the Pirate Clubs, a Ladies Rest Home Ministry, Ladies Night Out & Men’s Night Out.  As Pastor, I have Bro. Harold Butler, Bro. Randy Duncan, Bro. Joe Martin, Bro. Bryan Butler & Bro. Ronald Baker serve on the pastor’s council.

God has been good to us through the years.  We have seen ups and downs but God has been faithful through it all.  We have a faithful group of Men, Women, Boys & Girls.  Our Mission is clear, Our future is bright, Our Faith is Strong, our Position is Settled, Our Determination is Steadfast and Our Destination is Secure.  We will stay the course and serve until our Savior return by way of rapture or we see the Lord by way of death.  With God’s help, we will build and battle for the next generation.  We refuse to give up, give in, and turn back.  We will go until we can go no longer, we will give until there is no more to give, we will do until we are thoroughly exhausted.  We will stand up, speak up, pray up until we are caught up in the rapture.  This is our commitment and call.  Can we do any less than what has been done for us?

Our verse for Beeville Baptist Church is:  Psalms 118:23This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.

Our theme song through the building project was: “Canaanland Is Just in Sight.”

Our prayer, “Lord do it again!”